Wednesday, December 25, 2019

What Does The Deaf Education Curriculum Does Not Build A...

Auditory challenged individuals are comprised of nearly 10,000,000 hard-of-hearing and 1,000,000 functionally deaf Americans and a half a million were born or diagnosed deaf before turning eighteen years old in the United States (Mitchell 2006). A great percentage of this demographic primary language is American Sign Language (ASL). These individuals are considered a verbal minority. Within the deaf community â€Å"deaf† is defined as people who have been deaf or hard of hearing entirely or most of their lives. In addition to sign language, auditory challenged individuals use broken speech usually no higher than a fourth grade level (Hauser, O’Hearn, McKee, Steider, Thew 2010). The basic deaf education curriculum does not build a solid†¦show more content†¦Although, at times, I felt anxious because I could not hear my kids playing. I kept checking on them. I look at my husband if I felt the floor slightly rumble because I can see the dogs barking and running t oward our front door which usually meant someone walked by the house. When my kids had a question it was recited to my husband. H wrote it down than I verbally answered. It got confusing because my husband stated he started talking and realized half way I did not hear anything. It was different without using my ears because we did not go into details about our day. He nor I felt like writing a two page report about our day. We summed up the important stuff in a few sentences. My husband had to signal me when the microwave dinged. I do not think that there was anything I notice without having my hearing that I would have not notice otherwise. Vacuum was a bit difficult because I could not hear if it accidentally turned off. Normally we I use it as a hearing person I have a tendency to cut it off by mistake due to the location of the bottom. So when I could not hear. I tried to pay more attention to the vibrations on the floor. I feel bad for persons who are auditorally challenged. They are the minority in a linguistic world. Mostly everything is gears to an able body who has complete range of all their senses. I don’t think my attitude has change I have always been aware how difficult it is being disable if not deaf, blind. I

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