Thursday, October 31, 2019

EXPERIENCE OF THE BEAUTY SALONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EXPERIENCE OF THE BEAUTY SALONS - Essay Example Now, we define beauty in terms of our perceptions of it which is greatly influenced by the flawless looking faces on our TV screens. In today’s world, people have become increasingly aware of the importance to look their best as your outlook is not only the primary factor that can make or break your impression but is also a booster of self confidence and esteem levels. In this never ending pursuit of beauty, our best facilitators, after the cosmetics, have been the beauty salons. Theirs is the one organization that primarily caters to the fairer sex and is known to do wonders for their outlook. It is generally believed that if you are having issues with your skin, go the beauty salons regularly and they will cure it for you. If you are subject to pressures and stress in the daily routine, go to the salon occasionally for a massage and you will forget all your worries (Michelle). Other than that, if we deem ourselves not to be as fancy as to go to the salon for petty issues as the ones mentioned previously, even then it is inevitable for us to go there for the periodic requirements of nail care or haircuts if nothing else. Beauty salons are a perfect haven of female pampering. It is a business that not only caters to our requirement of enhancing the beauty but also happens to be a luxurious medium of relaxation. On the other hand, a beauty salon is a sort of business that greatly relies on customer retention. Due to this aspect, once you become a regular customer, you get to see a lot of familiar faces around on your every trip. Not only that, due to these periodic trips one also gets to know the employers over there and both the parties are also able to develop sort of a mutual understanding. In my particular case, I am bound to go to the salon every once in a while most often for a haircut if nothing else and have now been going to the same parlour for the past couple of years. I know the place by heart and can see its whole alignment right in my head. It is a small salon in the market two blocks from my home and I can usually go there by foot. Out of all the shops around it, theirs is the board that is the hardest one to miss. With its big windows of tinted glass with posters of beautiful women adorning the campaigns of famous cosmetics, to its big pink sign above the doors with the name of the saloon written in the curly font, it is the one domain that stands out from the rest and screams of female dominion. On going through its sliding doors, one finds herself in a small room that farther leads down different sections of the salon. My first impression whenever I enter the salon is of overwhelming surprise due to all the pink around. The walls of the salon are pink; the flooring is in a different shade of pink; and on top of that all the workers there have also been assigned to wear pink shirts as their uniform so that they also blend in with the whole theme. I am personally always overwhelmed by the whole uniformity of colour a s soon as I step in the door. The inside of the salon is all filled with things to enhance the beauty. There is a small reception area on the right of the door where the clients are received and the transactions take place for their orders. The rest of the room is dominated by an area specified for haircuts and other hair treatments with high backed chairs that have each a mirror hanging in front of them. Below the mirrors is a long shelf that runs across all the chairs and has drawers filled with the tools of the workers for working in the hair department. This room is always buzzing with the sounds of the blow dryers drying and setting hair of the customers that are done with their hair treatments. Farther down, the room branches off to a number of

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