Sunday, November 3, 2019

The creation of the National Assembly was important to the French Essay

The creation of the National Assembly was important to the French Revolution because it brought together the three different states - Essay Example Rousseau also emphasizes the reigning regime’s inability to bring equality, and hence the need for democracy. Before the revolution, the nation had three divisions. The divisions comprised of the Clergy, the Nobility and the Commoner, with little representation of the commoners who were the majority. As such, the commoners sought for equal rights and representation. Montesquieu work (the Spirit of the Law) aided significantly in the implementation of democracy (Halsall). He argued that there ought to be balances within the government, with the incorporation of the people and not a single family. During the Enlightenment era, the people of France had become conversant of their rights. Montesquieu and Rousseau worked significantly in highlighting the rights of the people and the ills associated with monarchy. As such, they began to perceive the ills that the reigning authorities were perpetrating to them. This compelled them to question the governing systems of the time, and hence the need to transform them. There was a great need for the creation of a National Assembly and a constitution. The introduction of democracy in the US with set rules within the constitution and a congress and senate equivalent to the National Assembly also served as a significant influencing factor for the revolution. Montesquieu article also compare the French government with the US (Halsall). The governing systems also proved to be too ineffective to govern the people. The people felt the need to introduce a National Assembly and a constitution with unambiguous rights of the people. France also faced economic challenges at the time, owing to the huge debts accumulated by the former monarchies. The king of the time, Louis 16th also lived a lavish lifestyle, thus magnifying the already worse economy of the nation. The king’s wife, Marie Antoinette was infamous for leading an extravagant life. This meant

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