Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Article Critique Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Critique - Article Example Relationship marketing is described as the model of creating and retaining customers in a business. Developing strong value and retaining customers are important strategies that markets employ in the modern competitive business environment (Trasorras, Weinstein, & Abratt, 2009). Perhaps one of the most disturbing issues is that some businesses experience cases of customers defecting from them even when they think that their services and products were best offered out. This is the issue that Relationship marketing tries to explain. Positive customer relationships are well maintained through different methods that businesses choose to invest in (Eriksson & Soderberg, 2010). Some of the methods that have proved successful include the use of incentives like customer clubs. In this method, businesses create social forums where customers can be meeting frequently and sharing ideas with the business’ stakeholders on areas that need general improvement. Customers are also able to shar e their views on the kinds of products offered and give inputs towards further developments. Erickson explains in his paper that the intersubjective approach to customer relationships means that the â€Å"self† of the business and others, who are customers in this case are usually inseparable. In this approach a business is able to put the customer are the core of their business. A customer based approach to marketing is thus the system adopted in marketing where inputs from clients are highly adhered to and respected. Customers are meant to have confident in the services offered by the business, in this case, they should be easily approached for feedback. Customers who experience maximum utility in service delivery are loyal to the business and can trade with it for a long time. Should be the duty of management in this case? Managers are meant to study into issues that need to be adopted in order to create and retain customer’s

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