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What Would Go Through Your Head At The Moment Of Death

What would go through your head at the moment of death? Would it be your family, a love one, or a special person in your life or maybe a friend? What if you had to be with a love on the moment of their death? What would go through your head at the exact moment? Would you regret not spending enough time with them? In these two stories by Porter and Dickinson they talk about the moment of death. Both are very similar but different in many ways. Dickson s poem, it s a poem about a woman who had already passed away when she heard a buzz, unlike the short story by Porter which is about a woman who is about to pass away but is in refusal of death. The poem Dickson wrote about was as if it were our protagonist ghost telling us about the fly she heard on the far side of her grave. Unlike Porter’s short story which was told to us by the woman who is close to death. In the short story by Porter her state of denial is more like a must, she wasn t ready to pass and believed that the doctor should care for someone who was actually sick, trying to say she didn t need that care. Her state of denial was too strong that all she could think about was the man whom she has always loved. In the poem by Dickinson there seems to be a connection between the fly she hears buzzing and her death, which in a sense is quite spooky. Maybe it connects in a way because flies seem to be around bad odors and when someone dies, there body begins to smell and flies begin to come around. Throughout herShow MoreRelatedThink Before You Act763 Words   |  4 PagesThink Before You Act Everyday someone loses a person dear to them. You never know if it will be your last day here in this world. We all just live day to day and don’t realize tomorrow could be our last. It’s even worse when it could have been prevented. Choices we make can impact our lives and individuals around us. People say things happen for a reason, and that God has a plan for all of us. We won’t know the truth until something tragic happens each of us. June 24, 2011 was the dayRead MoreUpon his grandfathers death, it fell to Samuel to sort through former possessions. Samuel found1200 Words   |  5 Pagesgrandfathers death, it fell to Samuel to sort through former possessions. Samuel found himself now in the dusty, cobwebbed attic of the old home, surrounded by a constellation of aged trinkets: faded old photographs, medals and trophies from long distant contests, a plethora of dusty and worthless relics. Samuel quickly surveyed the items, shuffling through boxes and turning the occasional object over in his hand. It was depressing, sorting through this collection. It reminded him of death and the ephemeralityRead MoreVII: Cruelty Bang. The bullet shot forward, progressing a great distance in the blink of an1100 Words   |  5 Pageseye. The bullet penetrate a hollow and fit through the heart, enervating Lucias life quickly. Megumareta beamed from above, an inhumane smile. Lucia coughed out blood, his soon-to-be-corpse slumped against the reddish wall lit from torches. Luci, you frittered a myriad of my bullets . . . . Megumareta muttered. Lucia gave out another cough. T-ten bullets--- a cough delayed his sentence, ---is barely--- Oh, shush Luci. Youre about to join your army in this morgue I made. Why not take itRead MoreThe Battle Of The Kosovo War1379 Words   |  6 PagesThe first battle of the Kosovo war which was meticulously planned with stomach revolting malice was less than a mile from my house and it resulted in the death of over 50 members of the Jashari family. As the Serbian Army surrounded the three homes the Jashari’s began to prepare for the onslaught that was to come. Although less than 20 men had arms they valiantly defended their house, their land, and most importantly their family from a determined and well organize Army. These men, farmers by tradeRead MoreHow My Life Has Changed My Outlook On Life881 Words   |  4 Pagesthink that your life could change from one minute to the next? I sat on the couch waiting for the news that would change my outlook on life. I had a pit in my stomach before there was even news to tell. I knew this news was coming for a long time, but I did not k now how. My world was going how any 15-year-old would want it to go. A loving family, nice friends, and all the free time in the world. What I did not know was that was all about to change. I was laying on the couch with my head buried deepRead MoreNarrative Essay-Near Death Experience1671 Words   |  7 PagesA Cold Sad End It’s occasionally said that human beings are the only creatures who are aware of their own death, but is this actually true? The term death is often used lightly and has been made into something of an unimportant subject. Fact of the matter is that many of us don’t want to think about death, we live in a death denying culture. Few individuals truly grasp the concept of death and how it can distort the lives of the people it comes in contact with. I was among the naà ¯ve until rightRead MoreShort Story1250 Words   |  5 Pages As the life ebbed far from me, I abruptly felt a tear descend my cheek. I didnt get it. I was prepared for this for quite a while. I was prepared to desert everything in a world that had utilized me and given nothing back. I was prepared to go on the following incredible enterprise, prepared to be a stain out and about. At that point why was I crying? I opened my eyes and the appropriate response came to me. I took a gander at the substance of the oblivious lady. She was wonderful, in a kindRead MoreThe Chief Led The Way As They Left The Hut1412 Words   |  6 Pages The chief led the way as they left the hut. They passed through the doorway, and the outside light blinded Daniel. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust, but when they did, Daniel could see many huts like the one he was just in. the tribe had placed the huts in a wide circle, surrounding a large fire pit made of stone. They dragged Daniel a few feet away, past the fire pit to a large wooden pillar which stuck straight out of the ground. As Daniel got closer, he noticed a lifeless figureRead MoreMovie Review : Brotherly Love864 Words   |  4 Pagestheaters in a cape saving the public from a never ending trilogy of movies similar to The Notebook. In all honesty, it seems like Hollywood adapted Nicholas Sparks as the go to author to adapt story plots from. Whenever a new romantic film came out you can get bet your bottom dollar to sit through a film of old lovers who reconnected through a weird circumstance and spend the whole film trying to get back. The director, Jamal Hill took it upon himself to create a film that single handedly brought backRead MoreShort Story: Serena ´s Relationship with Ric1625 Words   |  6 Pagesget, he has this protective manner, he did not like seeing Serena seeing herself in a negative light, and often challenged her thoughts. Keeping, the distance between, seemed the sensible thing to do, he stayed with her overnight as she asked, he would leave if she wanted to spend to herself, and she knew she was giving him a real mix of messages. Yet, the love between them still shone strong. She needed Ric, but she did not want to admit weakness, and Ric needed her, Serena had become a priority

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